Willmar Area Community Foundation

Kandiyohi County Community Report

The Willmar Area Community Foundation’s unrestricted assets have grown significantly over the past year. Because of this growth, the Foundation’s Board of Directors initiated a planning process in 2012 to establish the best policies and procedures in its expanded grant-making capacity. As a part of that planning process, WACF completed a demographic and educational analysis of Kandiyohi County through a partnership with a consultant and Wilder Research. The result is a wealth of data that will serve the Foundation and community partners in how best to benefit the Kandiyohi County community.

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Kandiyohi County, much like the state and nation, has an aging population that is impacting its population and economic trends. The county is also becoming more diverse faster than expected and faces educational gaps among students of different incomes and races. The report calls stakeholders to address these issues to ensure healthy progress in the county.

12 key characteristics of Kandiyohi County identified in the extensive report include:

  • Older than Minnesota as a whole
  • 65+ are the fastest growing age group
  • Population maintained due to increase in number of residents of color
  • Population of color is younger
  • Black residents are the fastest growing race-group
  • Half of people in the county earn less than $50,000
  • Children are more likely to be in poverty today
  • One-third of households are cost-burdened
  • More foreign born residents since 2000
  • Racial inequities related to jobs and education
  • Employment center in the region
  • Shifts in the workforce are coming