Central Minnesota Community Foundation

2021 Sprouting Seeds in our Communities Contest

Welcome to the first ever Sprouting Seeds in our Communities Contest through the Central Minnesota Community Foundation (CMCF)! This contest focuses on building programs that support social capital within Central Minnesota. Five nonprofits have been selected as finalists for the contest. Each of the five share below, in their videos, why their program should receive the grand prize $1,500 grant.

voting is now closed! Thank you to everyone who participated. Winner to be announced on our facebook page.

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Watch the brief videos below and vote for your favorite!

Voting is closed!

Grand Prize is $1,500. For results, visit CMCF’s Facebook page by clicking here!

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You get one vote per day so remember to come back tomorrow and vote again for your favorite!

1) Juggad Leadership Program

Through this intensive leadership program, participants will be inspired to assume ownership of critical issues in their communities and will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to make a difference in Central Minnesota. Participants come from diverse cultures and backgrounds deeply rooted in their communities, who desire to make positive social change in their neighborhoods and in their communities.

2) Angel Reins Stable

Our mission is to provide a safe, peaceful place for people and horses to experience kindness, hope and healing. In addition to providing a loving home for rescue horses, our programs serve veterans, survivors of human trafficking and others at no cost.

3) Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota

The Club is a great place for teens to network face-to-face every day with friends after school. It's also a great place for kids in grades K-6 to receive opportunities in the areas of education & career development, the arts, sports & more.

4) The Village Family Service Center

The Village strengthens individuals and families across North Dakota and Minnesota through behavioral health services, including counseling, addiction treatment, adoption, debt management and employee assistance programs. Pride Teens, a therapeutic group for youth in the St. Cloud area, creates a sense of belonging by connecting teenagers who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community and giving them a safe place to learn and access resources.

5) Promise Neighborhood

Promise Neighborhood is addressing our neighborhood issues through community led programming.