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Lisa Bowen

Lisa Bowen was awarded the 2017 AACF Professional Award in Philanthropy as a way to recognize her passion for her clients, her ability to listen to their needs and a deep personal belief in the value of philanthropy

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Fred and Terri Bursch

​Long-time supporters of many charities in the Alexandria area, Fred and Terri Bursch established a donor advised fund in 2011 which has eased their charitable giving process.

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Pete and Audrey Bursch

​Pete and Audrey Bursch were active and generous residents of the Alexandria community. After their passing, their children set up a donor advised fund to continue to support their passion for theater and arts.

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Dennis & Elliot Christensen

As owners and operators of Elden's Fresh Foods in Alexandria, Dennis and Elliot Christensen are very involved and supportive of several organizations in the community.

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Bill Flaig

Bill served the Alexandria community with a warm and caring heart. His community involvement impacted many.

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Micheal Lillehaugen

As one of the founding board members of the Alexandria Area Community Foundation, Micheal Lillehaugen has been a strong advocate for philanthropy in the community and was the recipient of the 2017 AACF Ruth McDonald Award in Philanthropy.

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Ruth McDonald

A life-long learner and adventure lover, Ruth McDonald blazed trails at many points in her life.

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Rick and Sandy Paulsen

In March 2013, long-time Alexandria residents Rick and Sandy Paulsen created a donor advised fund with the Alexandria Community Foundation to make the most of the advantages of giving appreciated securities.

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Thomas J. Reif

Tom Reif's family established the Thomas J. Reif Memorial Scholarship Fund after he passed away in 2015. Many friends and associates have contributed to the fund which awards scholarships to graduates of Alexandria Area High School who are student athletes and leaders.

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Frank Starke

Frank Starke was the 2018 Ruth McDonald Award in Philanthropy Recipient from the Alexandria Area Community Foundation.

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John Wosepka

John Wosepka was the 2018 Ruth McDonald Award in Philanthropy Recipient from the Alexandria Area Community Foundation.

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