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At CommunityGiving, our donors empower the organization and affiliated community foundations to create grants which encourage collaborative nonprofit projects like yours. We’re excited to be your connection to grants you need to continue and expand your work.

In the 2015-16 fiscal year, CommunityGiving was able to award more than $7.25 million in grants, with 88.3% of those grants staying within Minnesota. Each year the number and value of the grants we’re able to provide continues to grow due to the generosity of our donors. We encourage you to apply for any grant you qualify for which will help your organization do good in our communities.

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“There is no shortage of money, only a shortage of people thinking big enough.”
– Grant Cardone

How To Apply


Most of the grants we award came from funds established to support specific causes or from donor advised funds, where the donor recommends grants from the fund to support charities that interest them.

In addition to these funds, the Foundation administers a number of funds that award grants for which nonprofits may apply on a competitive basis. For listings of competitive grant opportunities, please visit the grant page of our specific community funds. Specific criteria, grant guidelines and grant application forms are provided for each grant opportunity.

Alexandria Area Community Foundation | Brainerd Area Community Foundation | Central Minnesota Community Foundation | Willmar Area Community Foundation

Our Grant Philosophy

CommunityGiving is proud to have hundreds of charitable funds set up supporting philanthropic causes throughout the state, and a few throughout the nation. Our funds, and the grants given from them, are as varied in their goal as our donors are. While many focus on education, human services and religious organizations, there are a number which focus on diversity issues, animal health and rights, arts and culture, civic affairs and more!

We serve as a connecting point between you – the nonprofit – and donors, making the community stronger in a fiscally responsible way.