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For over 2 decades, the Good Samaritan Fund of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation has been helping people who suddenly find themselves needing a one-time helping hand (usually a few hundred dollars) so they can get their lives back on track. It only happens because Central Minnesota people contribute to the Good Samaritan Fund. 100% of your gift will go directly to fund qualified emergency needs in the St. Cloud area.

You can help a person, or a family

We work with all St. Cloud Area social service organizations and churches, reviewing cases they are unable to help. We evaluate the circumstances and fund those that are real and worthy. But, we don’t always just provide money; we also advocate, look for other options and partner up with local businesses.

Current Board Members

Rick Ahles
Elna Bateman
Stefanie Brown
Libbie Brunsvold
Bruce Campbell
Nancy Ehlen
Rose Ford
Bob Gruber
Deb Huschle
Bob Kovell
Dick Langdok
Jim Lauerman
Judy Lyons
Jim Maleska
Dave Marquardt
Myrel Neumann
Dave Noack
Marty O’Link
Kris Pflepson
Chuck Rau
Mark Sakry
Don Schiffler
Patti Schiffler
Renae Sternke
Joe Torborg
Carrie Tripp

Emeritus Board Members

Don Bitzan
Darwin Bonn
Jim Hall
Bob Hennen
Dave Kuefler
Cheryl Lightle
Patrick Lynch
Cathy Meyers
David Meyers
Mike Mullin
Brian Myres
Terry Rothstein
Mary Torborg
John Weitzel

Good Samaritan Fund - Last Year

Funded 281 cases, average cost at $513.82

Total assistance provided- $144,384

Worked with every person in need, even if we did not provide funding

We work with all area charities.

Sometimes people’s difficulties do not fit within the scope of what various social service organizations are able to do. Rather than let these people “fall through the cracks”, these organizations contact us knowing we can — and will — help.


Area businesses have a lot to offer, too.

Sometimes a critical situation isn’t just about money. We work with a number of local companies and they give generously of what their businesses have to offer to get a life back on track.

We partner with companies from many sectors of business including:

  • property management
  • car repair
  • plumbing and heating
  • groceries
  • construction
  • medical and dental
  • furniture stores
  • appliance repair
  • automobile tire companies
  • window repair and replacement

Case Summaries

CASE #3977: A single mother with two small children were in a car accident that led to hospitalization. She lost her car and her job because of the time off. It was overwhelming. She has now found a a job paying $1080 a month within walking distance of her apartment. She had gotten behind but $636.12 removed a remaining barrier, eviction.

CASE #3718: A 19 year old was a victim of a drive-by shooting that left him paralyzed. A local church was able to help out but $700 was still needed.

CASE #3903: A single man, living in his car was diagnosed with cancer and unable to work. Without insurance, he had been paying medical expenses with a credit card. He now has Minnesota Care and has been approved to move into an HRA apartment with a monthly rent of $475 which will be taken right out of his disability check. Yes he is getting help but there was still one roadblock; he needed a damage deposit of $300.

CASE #3718: A single mother with two small children was in a very abusive relationship. One day, the three of them escaped to Anna Marie's shelter. She is now working and making $1,600 a month but gets no child support. Because they had to leave everything behind, she needed $500 to cover the damage deposit and first and last month's rent at their new home.

Where we come from

In 1996 local retired banker David Noack, became aware of a young person who desperately needed help and whose local fundraising had fallen short. Dave made up the difference and she got the help she needed. "No big deal", he thought but it got him thinking.

So Dave connected with Dave Marquardt and a handful of their friends. When they became aware of anyone about to "fall through the cracks" - about ten cases the first year - they put up the needed money out of their own pockets.

Soon they realized it was time to build a formal organization. After meeting with Steve Joul of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation, Good Samaritan Fund began. It's mission was - and still is - to serve one-time emergency needs for anyone in our area.


Today, a highly committed board has been put together and partnership with local charities have been formed. Good Samaritan Fund employs a highly respected, mostly volunteer case coordinator to check out each situation and develop solutions.

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