Community Giving

REG Board of Directors

David Werschay, Chair
Brian Zimny, Vice Chair
Allen Bright
Scott Hamak
Leigh Lenzmeier

Steve Joul, CommunityGiving President & CEO
Elise Wiener, CommunityGiving Chief Financial Officer


RealEstateGiving (REG), a supporting organization of CommunityGiving, supports the gifting of real estate for charitable purposes and helps facilitate and simplify this process for the donors who wish to make these types of gifts. Formerly known as the Minnesota Real Estate Foundation (MREF), RealEstateGiving remains the only organization in the state of Minnesota set up exclusively for gifts of real estate and other hard to value assets. The board of directors of REG have extensive expertise in the areas of real estate valuation, banking and finance, real estate development, law, accounting, fundraising and non-profit management.

Real estate is one of the single largest asset classes of an individual’s overall wealth in the United States, comprising an estimated 40% or more of individual net worth in the country. However, real estate gifts still account for less than 2% of all charitable giving on an annual basis and this is due in large part to the significant barriers that can come with gifting real estate. RealEstateGiving was formed to assist non-profits, donors and advisors the opportunity to utilize the tremendous gift potential that exists with gifts of real estate and then assist with the charitable distribution of the funds after the sale.

RealEstateGiving will consider real estate gifts of a house, condominium, commercial building, farm/ranch or undeveloped land.

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To contact us about a potential gift of real estate, email or call (877) 253-4380.