Community Giving

The Idea Behind Community Funds

CommunityGiving hosts a number of community funds that vary based on the specific needs and interests of the local partner community. They can be a single fund with a local advisory committee that recommends grants for the benefit of the partner community, or they may be a full fledged community foundation who can have a number of funds whose advisers have banded together to strengthen their community.

This highly flexible partnership keeps the decisions about grants in the hands of local community leaders and volunteers – rather than in a larger hub city like Alexandria or St. Cloud – while giving the local community better access to CommunityGiving’s charitable giving, fund accounting, and investment management expertise.

With this partnership between CommunityGiving, community foundations in hub cities and community funds at the local level, we can create real change at the grassroots level for many organizations!

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
– Mother Teresa

Community Fund Organization

Each community fund is supported by one of our core partner foundations, which provides support and assistance to grow each fund.

The Paynesville Area Community Foundation (PACF), Sauk Centre Area Community Foundation (SCACF), ROCORI Area Community Foundation (RACF) and Foley Area Community Foundation (FACF) are all organized under the Central Minnesota Community Foundation (CMCF) based in St. Cloud.

The New London-Spicer Area Community Fund (NLSAF) is organized under the Willmar Area Community Foundation (WACF).

The Chaska Community Fund (CCF) is organized under the Community Foundation for Carver County (CFCC).

Meanwhile, each Community Foundation is created under the wing of CommunityGiving, where we provide back office, financial and investment management along with other support.

If you are interested in forming an advisory group to create funds which can benefit your local community directly, please contact us and we can help advise you on the process and support your endeavor.