Community Giving

Tom Keating

Fund Name:: Tom Keating Foundation Fund
Fund Established: January 27, 2006
Community Foundation(s): Central Minnesota

East of St. Cloud, in the town of Foley, educator Tom Keating was another one of those gifted individuals with a lot of charisma. He was tragically killed on an icy rural road in January 2006. Keating, Minnesota 2004 Teacher of the Year, taught at Turning Point, an alternative learning program in Monticello. Tom was a gifted speaker, addressing school groups and others across the country about issues surrounding children at risk.

In order to continue Keating’s passion for working with Central Minnesota youth at risk, the family organized a wristband fundraiser. Each wristband bore the message "Share Your Gifts" along with a shamrock graphic (Keating was proud of his Irish heritage). In addition, they gave a $500 scholarship to a student at Foley High School and a student from the Turning Point Alternative Program.

“Our dad was so passionate about his work and he had such vision for what could be done for children at risk. We hope one day to open a house for homeless and at-risk teens,” said Shane Keating, one of Tom’s sons. “The Community Foundation has been a great resource in answering all of our questions and they have offered a lot of support.”