Community Giving

Ron and Darlene Schaefer

Fund Name:: Ron and Darlene Schaefer Family Fund
Fund Established: February 28, 2001
Community Foundation(s): Brainerd Lakes Area

Brought together through their passion for country music and dancing, Ron and Darlene Schaefer also realized they have the same passion to help others.

Their desire to do more brought about the establishment of the Ron and Darlene Schaefer Family Fund so the Brainerd Lakes Area could benefit from the wealth and blessings they have experienced throughout their lives. Through this fund, Ron and Darlene hope to help those less fortunate. They hold a special place in their hearts for the homeless, youth at risk, animals and women in transition.

Now residing in Pequot Lakes, Ron was born and raised in St. Cloud and Darlene is a lifelong resident of the Brainerd area. They married in 2000, each bringing children to the marriage—Ron has two sons and Darlene has a son and daughter. That same year Ron sold Schaefer Fan Company, which he bought from his father in 1978 and has retired. He enjoys woodworking, snowmobiling and four-wheeling. Being a wife and mother is very important to Darlene; she enjoys cooking and crafts. They both enjoy the outdoors and nature at their lake home.

To Ron and Darlene, an important part of life is caring for those in need. Both are grateful for where they are and what they have, and have a desire to make life easier for others. It is also important to Ron and Darlene that they are able to help people now as well as when thy are gone.