Community Giving

Robert and LaVonne Danzl

Fund Name:: Robert J. and LaVonne Danzl Family Fund
Fund Established: July 18, 2000
Community Foundation(s): Brainerd Lakes Area

Faith, family and community, along with a little fun everyday, guided the lives of Bob and LaVonne Danzl. After the death of her husband in May 1999, LaVonne continued to serve her family, her church and the community of Brainerd.

Bob and LaVonne met in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and married in 1950. They began raising their family in the Pantown area of St. Cloud before moving to Brainerd. Bob worked at Thelen Heating and Roofing for many years while LaVonne stayed home to raise their seven children. Bob was an avid golfer, reader and bow hunter. LaVonne enjoys hand quilting, reading and volunteering.

After Bob’s death, LaVonne chose to start a donor advised fund. The earnings from their fund are divided among their children and grandchildren who determine the benefactors each year. LaVonne believes the fund serves as a way to continue Bob’s generous spirit. Along with their giving from the fund at the foundation, the Danzls also provide many scholarships to students at Central Lakes College. Both Bob and LaVonne believed in the importance and usefulness of vocational training.

Lavonne, her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren continue Bob’s generous spirit by using their fund to support those in need. The values of faith, family and community, along with a little fun, live on.