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Lisa Bowen

Community Foundation(s): Alexandria Area
Award: 2017 AACF Professional Award in Philanthropy

As an attorney for more than 20 years, one of Lisa Bowen’s specialties is estate planning. Over the years she has been a valuable resource for her clients as they determine how they want their money spent after they are gone. She also has been a tireless volunteer for several local organizations, including the Alexandria Area Community Foundation (AACF) and the Alexandra Area Technical and Community College Foundation.

These selfless efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Lisa was awarded the 2017 AACF Professional Award in Philanthropy as a way to recognize her passion for her clients, her ability to listen to their needs and a deep personal belief in the value of philanthropy. She received the award at the AACF 25th anniversary celebration in May 2017.

“Her knowledge and detailed, consistent approach and her caring ability to listen is really what sets her apart from most professionals,” said Josh Tatge, Ameriprise Financial and AACF board member. “I just can’t say thank you enough to Lisa for all the work she’s done for the Foundation. She continually talks to clients and listens to them about their wants and needs. If they are charitable, she looks for solutions that often end up including the Foundation.”

Lisa finds that her clients appreciate the service and attention that they receive from the Foundation. “The Community Foundation provides a really wonderful service to the community members here in Alexandria …. because it is a one-stop shop for charitable giving. When you have an organization such as CommunityGiving that is so responsive to the donors’ needs, it really is a wonderful tool and a great resource for professionals like attorneys and accountants and for our clients.”

It’s also very satisfying for her to watch her clients discover the joy of charitable giving and pass that joy and knowledge along to their heirs and family members.

“She is so deserving of this award in philanthropy because it’s what she believes in and what she does best, “said Kathy Pfeffer, executive director of AACF. “This award has her name written all over it.”