Community Giving

Kevin and Amy Kluesner

Fund Name:: Kevin and Amy Kluesner Fund
Fund Established: November 14, 2006
Community Foundation(s): Central Minnesota

For Kevin and Amy Kluesner, there never has been a question about giving back to the community. It’s simply a family tradition they both were taught as children. College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University graduates, Amy and Kevin enjoyed raising their son, Paul, on a small farm just outside of St. Joseph.

Kevin has worked in the investment field since 1983 and has owned Kluesner Financial Advisors in St. Joseph since 2001. He learned about the services of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation through his involvement with the Central Minnesota Estate Planning Council.

“The Community Foundation is a great asset to the St. Cloud area in many ways,” he noted. “It’s all very organized and convenient for individuals who want to practice philanthropy. It’s always a part of conversations I have with clients who I know are philanthropically inclined. I try to educate them on the benefits and it’s always well-received when I explain it.”

Kevin has been so enthusiastic and impressed with the advantages of the donor advised fund that he and Amy established the Kevin and Amy Kluesner Fund in 2006.

“We take care of all of our charitable donations through the fund—whether we give cash, mutual funds or securities, it’s just very convenient to go online to make gifts.”

“This is something we both feel strongly about and believe in. It’s important to help out those who are less fortunate in the community,” Amy added. “Having this fund makes it easy for us to support the organizations and causes that we care about.”