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Ken and Alix Behm

Behm Family

Fund Name:: Ken and Alix Behm Fund
Fund Established: June 19, 2003
Community Foundation(s): Willmar Area

Talking with three generations of the Behm family about giving back is a clear demonstration of the importance of strong values and good role models in developing a commitment to philanthropy. Luella Behm grew up on a farm near Atwater, one of three children. She experienced both the deprivation of the Depression and the success of the farming operation she shared with her husband Marvin. Central to her life was St. John’s Lutheran Church. Luella is generous with her financial contributions, but also with her time, noting there is “something in my heart to give.”

Her values were passed on to her children. To say that Luella’s son Ken and his wife Alix are active community citizens would be an understatement. Between the two of them, they have served on at least 12 boards of directors and give hundreds of hours of time to their church, Redeemer Lutheran. They also give a certain percentage of their income to the church believing they have been blessed and that the more one gives and participates, the more that comes back.

Ken and Alix’s three children are carrying on those same values. Their daughter Laura and her husband Dion and their sons Christopher and Matt along with their wives Brenda and Teresa have all been active with several professional and civic organizations. Laura and Dion have further shared their generous spirits by providing foster care to two children whom they now plan to adopt. Central Minnesota communities are made richer by generations of families like the Behms.