Community Giving

Dan and Judy Whitlock

Dan & Judy Whitlock

Community Foundation(s): Central Minnesota

Motivated by witnessing how exhausting care of a cancer patient can be when their nephew died, Judy and Dan Whitlock began to think about donating their home to the hospice project that Joe Bauer, a local health care leader, was spearheading. The Whitlocks’ accountant, Steve Schueller, recommended the Minnesota Real Estate Foundation (a supporting organization of CMCF as a possible vehicle for the gift. Through a unique arrangement with the MREF, the Whitlock’s dream to convert their St. Augusta home into Quiet Oaks Hospice, an eight-bed residential hospice facility, became a reality in 2008 .

When this process began, Quiet Oaks had applied for, but not yet received 501(c)(3) status, so the MREF facilitated two transactions that will greatly assist Quiet Oaks. The first transaction was the donation, by the Whitlocks, of a condo in Edina which was sold for the benefit of Quiet Oaks. The proceeds of the sale were placed in a fund for the hospice house at the CentraCare Health Foundation. The second transaction was somewhat unique. The MREF provided the necessary qualified status to Quiet Oaks to complete the bargain sale purchase of the Whitlock’s St. Augusta home. The MREF held the property which was later transferred to Quiet Oaks.

“What a wonderful way to donate an appreciated asset,” Dan said. “We feel so lucky and blessed that the Minnesota Real Estate Foundation was there at the time we needed them.”