Community Giving

Catherine Gustafson

Catherine Gustafson

Fund Name:: Gustafson Family Foundation Fund
Fund Established: May 20, 2009
Community Foundation(s): Brainerd Lakes Area

Catherine died in April 2008 at the age of 94. Kay and her husband, Joe, lived all of their married life in the Brainerd area which is where they raised their three daughters, Greta, Joni and Lisa. Joe was an entrepreneur working in real estate development. He built several neighborhoods, the east Brainerd mall in the ‘60s and owned the SuperValu store in Brainerd.

Kay was a stay-at-home mom and supported Joe by helping make his dreams become a reality. She was a member of First Lutheran Church and various organizations including Chapter C.J. PEO and Service League. Her daughters describe her as a “sweet and generous woman who always wore a smile, the epitome of class and an ideal role model.”

Catherine designed a donor advised fund which was funded at her death and named her three daughters as advisors for the fund. They focus their giving on children and health issues.