Community Giving

Brian and Karla Myres

Fund Name:: Brian and Karla Myres Family Fund
Fund Established: July 13, 2000
Community Foundation(s): Central Minnesota

Brian and Karla Myres live in Clear Lake, Minnesota. They appreciate the natural beauty of Minnesota. One can hear the quiet cries of the loon or feel the gentle breeze just outside their door. They chose to raise their children in this peaceful setting to learn the abundant lessons of nature and values of rural and small town life.

Brian and Karla were married in 1992. Prior to being a full-time mom, Karla worked as the Haehn Campus Center Director at the College of Saint Benedict. She enjoyed being a part of the growth and development of student leaders. Brian was in the banking industry for more than 25 years and currently owns a consulting business while serving as the chief operating officer for DAYTA Marketing in St. Cloud.

Family time and outdoor activities are important to the Myres. They enjoy biking, cross-country skiing and water activities at their Leech Lake cabin.

Brian and Karla believe God has provided many blessings and are now committed to looking beyond their needs to help others in the community. They have set up the Brian and Karla Myres Family Fund to fulfill this need and to inspire others to give. “Together we can improve the quality of community life by giving our time and resources.”