Community Giving

Bob Kovell

Bob Kovell

Fund Name:: Bob and Mary Kovell Fund
Fund Established: June 21, 2013
Community Foundation(s): Central Minnesota
Award: 2014 Award in Philanthropy

Bob Kovell is a veteran professional advisor known for his willingness to go the extra mile, to give back personally and help others do the same through his work at Miller, Welle, Heiser & Co. Bob turned his passion for health and marathons into opportunities to support community causes. He set out to run a marathon in every state and raise support for charities along the way.

“When you give, you get a lot back,” Bob said. “You usually get back more than you give.”

In 2013 Bob ran his 50th state marathon in Colorado and hoped to raised $50,000 for Birthline.

“In true Kovell fashion, he raised over $67,000,” Birthline Executive Director Carrie Tripp said. “Bob has taught me to put my faith into action, to dare to dream and to serve the community with all my heart.”

Bob has a long history of donating his expertise and resources to help Birthline and Cathedral High School and helping his clients leverage opportunities to give back to charities that match their passions.

“I think his legacy will be that he was a super accountant, top notch in his industry, but he also took the time to help people in need in his community,” said Dave Marquardt, a client of Bob’s.