Community Giving

Barb Carlson

Fund Name:: Barbara Carlson Fund for Women and Children
Fund Established: June 4, 2013
Community Foundation(s): Central Minnesota
Award: 2004 ATHENA Award and 2013 President's Award

Barb Carlson came to the Central Minnesota Community Foundation excited that she would be able to serve not just one nonprofit in the community but virtually every organization.

“Barb has a unique ability to connect with individuals,” said CommunityGiving President Steve Joul. “In making those connections, she brought out the best in people so they could see what a difference they could make with their lives and in the lives of others.”

Barb brought passion for issues that face women and girls to CMCF and created the vision for the Women’s Fund in St. Cloud. Barb’s leadership has been instrumental in growing CMCF and developing affiliates and other Women’s Funds.

“She believes deeply in the value and potential of giving back,” Joul said. “She did it day in and day out, in big ways and small ways.”

Barb gave people the opportunity to see community needs, connected them with causes and helped them experience making a difference. It was not simply her job as a director of donor relations. It was her purpose in life.

“Giving of anything—of your time, of your talent, of your passion, of your energy, of your resources—is what makes living worthwhile,” Barb said.