Community Giving

Jim and Marilyn Tiede

Community Foundation(s): Willmar Area
Award: 2022 WACF Award in Philanthropy

Jim and Marilynn Tiede share a love of music, upbringings that modeled service and an eye on making their community a better place. They met when Jim stood behind Marilynn at the St. Olaf Choir and married several years later. While Jim attended medical school and later served in the Air Force, Marilynn taught English and raised their children, Daniel, Sarah and Mark.

Settling in Willmar, Jim had his patients, chaired the Chamber board and joined the Rice Foundation. He created the Rural Emergency Medical Services program for crisis care to farm families in the 80’s and became a U of MN faculty member ensuring Willmar would continue to receive doctors in training. He continued his passion for singing barbershop. Marilynn became what she affectionately calls ‘a professional volunteer’ at the Kandiyohi County Community Corrections, United Way, Willmar Area Community Chorus, Rice Foundation Gala, St. Olaf Alumni board, and the New London-Spicer Area Fund.

Together they have been on most all of Vinje Lutheran’s committees and done international mission work, including a trip where Jim learned to tie balloon animals. Back home, they began tying balloon animals at festivals. Jim tells their eight grandchildren, “Get involved. Learn to listen and find where you are needed. It will bring you joy!” Marilynn adds, “Don’t be afraid to say yes, you learn a lot.” Wise notes from lives filled with song and service.