Community Giving

Barbara and Dennis Gregory

Fund Name:: Dennis and Barbara Gregory Family Fund
Fund Established: April 2020
Community Foundation(s): Central Minnesota
Award: 2021 CMCF Alex Didier Award in Philanthropy

Dennis and Barb Gregory have a passion for giving-back both financially as well as with their time. As children, their parents instilled the notion that it’s better to give than it is to receive, a message the Gregory’s whole-heartedly believe in. Over the past two decades the couple has contributed to numerous charities and volunteered their time for the betterment of the community. Barb credits her mom for being her ultimate inspiration to become a philanthropist. As a child, she volunteered with her mom at the local food shelf, a passion Barb has since passed down to her own children. Barb’s been a long-time supporter of the ROCORI Area Food Shelf. Dennis served as the past Board Chair of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation; in total he served a full nine years on the board. He also serves on the St. Cloud State University School of Business Advisory Council, Chair of Granite Charitable and a volunteer with the American Cancer Society’s local chapter. Barb and Dennis have established a Donor Advised Fund through CMCF in which they’ve made multiple gifts to local organizations throughout the past 16 years. Some of those organizations include the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central MN, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Good Samaritan Fund.