Community Giving

Group of Children

Welcome to the CommunityGiving - Grant Management System (Akoya).

CommunityGiving (CG) is proud to administer the grant process using Akoya for our partner foundations and their funds.

creating an account and applying for A Grant

We have recently gone through a software transition so all applicants will need to make a new account to apply for the grants.

1) Review the grant guidelines, description and gather information you will need to create an account listed below.

-Organization EIN Number
-Organization legal name
-Organization address, phone number, website address
-CEO/Executive Director's contact information including email address and phone number
-Contact information for the individual applying for the grant including work email, address, and phone number.

2) Create an account

  1. CLICK HERE to access login page
  2. Click 'Sign Up'
  3. Follow the prompts and complete the information to create an account
  4. Set your login email and password
  5. Email confirmation will be sent which you need to confirm to activate your account.

Need additional assistance to create your account? CLICK HERE to access the user guide or email with your questions.