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Brainerd Lakes Area Women's Fund Advisory Board Members

  • Leah Boedigheimer
  • Kelly Burns
  • Lisa Haberman
  • Kim Rollins
  • Mary Savage
  • Kathy Sell
  • Pam Thomsen


Brainerd Lakes Area Women's Fund

The Brainerd Lakes Area Women’s Fund is a signature fund of the Brainerd Lakes Area Community Foundation (BLACF). The fund was established in 2009. The Fund is guided by the Brainerd Lakes Area Women’s Fund Committee which also serves as an advisory committee to the Board of Directors of the BLACF.

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Presenting Yourself Program

365 Giving Circle

Vision Statement of the Brainerd Lakes Area women's Fund

The Brainerd Lakes Area Women’s Fund (BLAWF) envisions a society where women and children are healthy, well-educated and financially empowered. BLAWF supports innovative solutions to the challenges facing women and children in the Brainerd Lake Area.

Mission Statement of the Brainerd Lakes Area Women's Fund

Strengthen community partnerships through philanthropic efforts that support program and initiatives fostering social change to provide women and children with necessary resources

Brainerd Lakes Area Women's Fund Funding Priorities:

  • Women and Children
    • Health and Wellness
    • Education
    • Financial Empowerment

How do we deliver on our promises in a meaningful way?

  • Women Making Waves event
  • Sustainable fundraising through 365 Giving
  • Presenting Yourself program
  • Positively impacting the lives of women and children through local grantmaking
  • Professional Advisor trainings


The "Women Making Waves" award recognizes a women who has significantly contributed to the field of philanthropy in the region by their personal and/or professional contributions. It is important that this woman has shared her time, talent and financial resources within the community. The award is presented at our Women's Fund event in the spring of the year. Previous Award Recipients.

To nominate a woman for the "Women Making Waves" award, click here.

2012 - Cheryl Gelbman
2013 - Pam O’Rourke
2014 - Sue Hadland
2015 - Cindy Moore
2016 - Sherri Delahunt
2017 - Pat Alrichter and Marlee Larson
2018 - Joey Halvorson
2019 - Ruthie Gmeinder
2020-22 - Becky Twamley

The "Lakes Area Ripple Maker" award recognizes a Brainerd Lakes area young woman (under the age of 25) who is giving back to our community in a positive way – making ripples of change.

To nominate a young women for the "Lakes Area Ripple Maker" award, click here.


Women Making Waves Event

The "Women Making Waves" dinner celebration will return on April 18, 2023 and we look forward to seeing you there! Registration information coming soon.

Becky Twamley Named 2020 Women Making Waves Recipient


For over thirty years Becky has worked locally to increase awareness around reproductive health access and education in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Becky has served on the Health Curriculum Review Board for Independent School District 181 and is a member or has served the following organizations: Central Lakes College Nursing Program & Student Life, The SHOP - Brainerd Baxter Youth Center, Mid-Minnesota Women’s Center, Lutheran Social Services, Port Group Homes, Habitat for Humanity, Northland Arboretum, and with Planned Parenthood until its closing in 2010, also serving on their Education Materials Review Board. As the Executive Director of WeARE, which she helped found in 2017, Becky continues her work through her steadfast, dedicated, unwavering voice moving both education and services forward. WeARE is a clinic that provides reproduction education and healthcare services for youth and young adults in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Becky is a degreed pharmacist with over 30 years of professional experience and also holds a Master of Public Service degree. Becky has family in Brainerd, including her parents and husband Brian, plus one daughter in law school and another daughter currently living in Germany with Becky’s two grandchildren. Becky’s entire family are strong advocates for gender equity and reproductive health education. When not talking contraception and STI prevention, Becky likes to travel, read, cook and practice yoga. She is fearless, forthright, and one who deserves being honored for her dedication and passion for the work benefiting of all and in helping to create a healthy community.

Congratulations Becky on receiving the 2020 Brainerd Lake’s Area Women’s Fund’s Women Making Waves Award!

Kaytlin Hart Named 2022 Ripple Maker Award Recipient


Hart serves on the Smiles for Jake Board and volunteers regularly to bring awareness to the organization's mission.

"Kaytlin is a young woman making ripples now, but she is capable of creating waves in the future," said Deb Mitzel, Hart’s nominator.

Congratulations Kaytlin on receiving the 2022 Brainerd Lake’s Area Women’s Fund’s Ripple Maker Award!


Empowering, sustaining, nurturing and connection. Our vision can't happen without your support. Contact us today to see how you can volunteer, contribute and make a difference in the lives of women and girls in the Lakes Area.

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