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Brainerd Lakes Area Women's Fund

Communities flourish when women and children are healthy and well-educated. It's that spirit that led a group of women to start the Brainerd Lakes Area Women's Fund in 2009.

The Brainerd Lakes Area Women's Fund aims to enhance the lives of women and girls in the Brainerd Lakes Area and to involve women as leaders and donors in the process. The Women's Fund is part of the Brainerd Lakes Area Community Foundation and is led by a steering committee of community leaders.


The Brainerd Lakes Area Women’s Fund envisions a society where women and girls are healthy, well-educated and have the economic means to reach their full potential.


The Brainerd Lakes Area Women's Fund supports innovative solutions to the challenges facing women and girls that improve our community and positively impact the future, with target markets of women, girls, organizations that serve women and girls.

The Brainerd Lakes Area Women’s Fund was established in 2009 as a means to enhance the lives of women and girls in the Brainerd Lakes Area, as well as involve women as leaders and donors in the process.

The mission of the Brainerd Lakes Area Women's Fund is to:

  • Encourage philanthropy and help women and girls understand and utilize their giving potential.
  • Support program and initiatives that foster social change and provide women and girls with the necessary resources to change their lives.
  • Expand collaboration and create new community partnerships so that organizations see their services through the eyes of women and girls.
  • Advocate for social and economic improvement for women and girls through education.
  • Strengthen women’s voices in leadership roles.

Created as a committee of the Brainerd Lakes Area Community Foundation, the Women’s Fund offers educational workshops, fundraising events, and programming geared toward assisting women and girls in building their personal and financial strengths.

Women making waves Award

Previous Award Recipients:

2012 - Cheryl Gelbman
2013 - Pam O’Rourke
2014 - Sue Hadland
2015 - Cindy Moore
2016 - Sherri Delahunt
2017 - Pat Alrichter and Marlee Larson
2018 - Joey Halvorson
2019- Ruthie Gmeinder


Women Making Waves Event 2019 - Register Here!

On Tuesday, April 16, the Brainerd Women’s Fund will be holding our annual Women Making Waves event at Arrowwood Lodge.

Ruth Gmeinder Named 2019 Women Making Waves Recipients


Ruth Gmeinder is a busy entrepreneur and hostess, operating Gull Lake Resort. Yet, she still finds time to “make some waves”, positively influencing the Brainerd Lakes Area. Ruth is a generous, kind, and talented community member who invests time and resources into several organizations and groups.

Raised in Brainerd most of her life, she attended Brainerd High School and graduated from the University of Minnesota as a Dietician. She has owned and operated Gull Lake Resort for 32 years, with her husband Mike. She is married with two sons and three grandchildren. Her passions are travel, gardening, art, design and music; Nature is a constant in her life. According to friend, Linda Hanson, Ruth is always up for an adventure - - she is involved with a kayaking group and enjoys traveling and outdoor adventures. Ruth is incredibly talented and has a vision for large scale, impossible projects that somehow she makes reality. She is an amazing seamstress and can produce Broadway/Hollywood quality costumes and props of which she generously shares with local non-profits and organizations for fundraising events.

Ruth has served on too many boards and committees to count, some of the most notable ones are included in the following. Ruth has been a board member of the Brainerd Rotary Club, the Brainerd Rotary Foundation, and loves to cook for their ditch pick up.She was a member of the School Board for 20 years, Community Education, Family Services Collaborative, Early Childhood Family Education, Joint Powers, now called Sourcewell, the Brainerd Lakes Community Foundation, the Women’s Fund, and Essentia Home Care and Ethics committee.She has been involved with organizations by donating her costumes to Lakes Area Music Festival, GLAPA, the Northland Arboretum’s Haunted Trail, and numerous other organizations.Ruth annually brings over 50 of her medieval costumes to the Boy Scout Parker Castle for all the Lowell third graders to try on and enjoy.Ruth has always worked with women, and she started the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program for Crow Wing County in 1979, and was a member of the Child Protection Team.

Ruth has an amazing ability to convince people to volunteer. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Vicki Foss, Executive Director at Northland Arboretum states, “Ruth is responsible for 50% of the volunteer base for the Haunted Trail through her contacts. Many of the volunteers that she has secured for the event are now members of the Arb because of their experience at the Haunted Trail. The Haunted Trail, through her leadership and vision, has become one of our biggest fundraising events and now includes a low-scare option as well as the high scare route. This and the wonderful costumes and props she provides has increased the popularity of the event in the community with families and generated over $200,000 in revenue.”

Scott Lykins, Artistic & Executive Director of Lakes Area Music Festival, shared, “I first met Ruthie at an event where she had one of her intricate costumes on display. That year at the Lakes Area Music Festival we were presenting our very first opera and I asked if she might have anything we could use. Not only did she have something, but she invited us over to her costume house and generously provided every costume and prop necessary to make our cast look as incredible as they sounded. Every year she has participated on our team, providing what would be incredibly costly for work and materials without charge. On top of that she generously donates to our organization to ensure our continued success and she participates as a volunteer in numerous other ways. Ruth does all of this on top of her many other generous commitments throughout our community.”

Ruth’s personality is as colorful as her outfits, and she is definitely a Woman Making Waves in the Brainerd Lakes Area and has touched the lives of many people. Her joy in helping out is contagious and she is never afraid to others to get involved alongside her. Congratulations Ruth on receiving the 2019 Brainerd Lake’s Area Women’s Fund’s Women Making Waves Award!


Empowering, sustaining, nurturing and connection. Our vision can't happen wihout your support. Contact us today to see how you can volunteer, contribute and make a difference in the lives of women and girls in the Lakes Area.

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