Brainerd Lakes Area Community Foundation


BLACF Spirit of Hope Fund

At the Brainerd Area Lakes Community Foundation, (BLACF) we have seen how life circumstances and economic conditions can quickly catapult our neighbors from living well to total misfortune. Through the Spirit of Hope Fund, we assist families with one-time help of up to $500 for needs ranging from medical emergencies and vehicle repairs to food, clothing and housing. We partner with the Salvation Army and Bridges of Hope to identify needs, quickly screen and qualify applicants, and distribute the funds.

The Foundation established the Spirit of Hope Fund to help local individuals in need of that emergency help. Some can't afford their prescription medication or transportation to the doctor. Others are struggling to pay rent or mortgage payments, or already have lost their homes. These emergencies usually don’t qualify for help from other charities or cannot wait for the necessary financial assistance.

This fund is currently very low, and we invite you to help us replenish this fund so we can, with your support, continue to help our local neighbors in times of crisis. We will match all donations up to a total of $10,000.

To apply for assistance through the fund, please contact the Salvation Army at (218) 829-1120 or Bridges of Hope at (218) 825-7682 directly.