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2013-14 Annual Report

Annual Report Cover 2014.png

Family Legacies Matter


This past year marked a major milestone for the Central Minnesota Community Foundation. We surpassed $100 million in total assets. This is significant not just because of the dollar amount, but because of what it stands for — the cumulative total number of family legacies that are focused on supporting our community not just today, but for many generations to come.

For nearly three decades, the Community Foundation has been a repository for hundreds of family legacies. As president, I’ve had the privilege of hearing first hand many of these amazing stories of generosity, compassion and selflessness.

With time, we have seen these stories unfold in families and now they span generations. We see it through stories like the Harold and Jeanette Anderson family in St. Cloud or the Myron and Myra Behm family in Willmar. Their giving legacies started three generations ago at the Community Foundation and now are being carried on by their grandchildren.

Other legacies are just beginning like that of Stacy Erholtz, a medical miracle who established a fund at the Brainerd Lakes Area Community Foundation to give others access to a medical treatment that cured her cancer.

What’s most rewarding is that together, we’re creating a collective legacy of engaging people, connecting resources and building community. In these pages, we focus on sharing some of those family legacies.

The Community Foundation’s evolving legacy is shaped by the many family legacies that we are privileged to hold. Our community legacy is in the people we share our lives with and how we come together to not just make a difference today, but leave a legacy that can live on for generations. 


Steve Joul, President


Central Minnesota Community Foundation:

  • Provided over $6.7 million in philanthropic support in the region. 
  • Received a record $21 million in gifts.
  • Surpassed $100 million in assets.
  • Set up 31 new funds, bringing the total to over 600.

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