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Good Samaritan Fund

In 1997, a group of individuals led by David Noack and supported by Foundation staff gathered to find a way to support families and individuals in critical need of one-time financial assistance. Out of this group emerged a new fund called the Guardian Angel Fund. Simultaneously and separately, a local woman named Helen Liljedahl passed away providing a $100,000 bequest to establish a similar fund she named the Good Samaritan Fund. The marriage of these two concepts today forms the basis of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation's Good Samaritan Fund.

Today, the Good Samaritan Fund is passionately led by Dave Marquardt and has an active advisory board supported by the Foundation that seeks ways to impact lives of people who are in need of emergency assistance. The fund assists with a variety of needs, including rent or mortgage payments, periodic billing assistance, emergency fuel assistance, basic needs, emergency medical supplies, or health care and even vehicle repair.

The Good Samaritan Fund contributes dollars to agencies that help with emergency circumstances to help them assist individuals or families. To date, the Good Samaritan Fund has helped more than 60 families.

The Good Samaritan Fund seeks donations to continue the legacy of caring in our community that both David Noack and Helen Liljedahl envisioned. Make a Gift.  Please contact the Foundation if you would like to be a part of this tradition of caring in our community.

Good Samaritan Committee Members:

Rick Ahles Nancy Ehlen Dave Kuefler

Cathy Meyers

Chuck Rau

Dick Anderson

Roseanne Fischer Dick Langdok

David Meyers*

Beth Roth

Elna Bateman Jim Hall* Jim Lauerman

Mike Mullin*

Terry Rothstein*

Don Bitzan* Bob Hennen* Cheryl Lightle*

Myrel Neumann

Mark Sakry

Darwin Bonn* Deb Huschle Patrick Lynch

Dave Noack

Kathryn Stolpman

Stefanie Brown Fr Mark Innocenti

Judy Lyons

Jamie O'Link

Lee Torborg*

Mark Christianson Bob Kovell Dave Marquardt

Marty O'Link 

John Weitzel*





*Emeritus Members



Catholic Charities Emergency Services administers the Good Samaritan applications and disbursement of funds.  Bruce Campbell will continue to coordinate the review and be the point person for the Good Samaritan Fund. As in the past, the application needs to be completed by a referring human service agency, not by the individual requesting the assistance. 

Who to Contact
For more information, or to apply, contact:

Catholic Charities Emergency Services
157 Roosevelt Road, Suite 100
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: 320-229-4560
Fax: 320-229-4562